The Wizard of P'Oz
After a long career in Project Management, Gary chose to pursue a career involving his lifelong passion for all things canine. He and his wife have owned a boarding kennel, the Orlando School of Dog Grooming and an upscale grooming salon in Weston, FL catering to clients including coaches and players from the Miami Dolphins and the president of the Florida Marlins, among other high-profile clients. Most recently he validated the viability of grooming salons within the Pet Supermarket chain and brings to Petsburgh his reputation for outstanding customer service.  Utilizing methods pioneered by Caesar Milan, Gary has an uncanny ability to win over the most discriminating four-legged friends. Gary and his wife are currently parents to: Luna, a rescued Shih Tzu; Mokey a Shih Tzu; Riley, a Golden Retriever; Daisy, a Black Mouth Cur and Fallon the Norfolk Terrier. 

Why P'Oz

My original foray into the world of pets was part of a 15 year retirement plan.  I was working for IBM and purchased a 6 acre ranch in Polk County.  I built a 21 run kennel.  The mural on the side of the kennel was Emerald City.  The one on the front had the characters dancing up to the front door and, of course, the path from the parking lot to the door was a yellow brick road.  The kennel was named the Wonderful World of P'Oz and I was the Wizard of P'Oz.

Unfortuately, like many, I was laid off and hit hard in the 2007 economic collapse and lost my businesses and my home . I decided to resurect this name when I had the opportunity to buy out my portion of the Petsburgh business.